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Cat Care Society provides a temporary refuge for up to 45 adult cats until an appropriate and permanent home can be found for each. We make every effort to find the best homes for each of the cats at the shelter. Potential adopters are carefully screened, and special effort is made to match the adopter with just the right feline for their family.

The adoption fee includes testing for Feline Leukemia, Feline AIDS test on all cats and kittens, the spay or neuter procedure, distemper/upper respiratory vaccine, a microchip, 15-day health care assistance, a collar and tag and a cardboard carrier.

Each adopter signs a contract with Cat Care Society to ensure continuing responsible good care of the cat. Seeing our cats go into loving homes is the reward of Cat Care Society's efforts. We miss them very much when they leave, but we know they will have a good life in a good home and each cat's departure makes room for another who may have been without food, shelter, or affection.

If you are wanting to adopt, please fill out an Adoption Application and bring it with you to the shelter. Do Not send via email. 

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Cat Care Society is a private, nonprofit cat shelter.  We spend over $350 per cat during its stay with us.  We respect the privacy of our donors and we do not sell or exchange our mailing list with anyone.

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