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Adopter Leslie says:

"Hi Suellen, thank you for the card you sent us asking about how Gracie and Chickory were doing - they are very happy and pretty much run our house right about now! They have very inquisitive personalities; Gracie is definitely the alpha kitty and a snuggler (when she wants to be), and Chickory is still a bit on the shy side but becoming more social all the time. The two of them are the best of friends, they play together all the time and frequently sleep together and/or have joint baths. They are very good kitties! We love having them and just wanted you to know they have a good home and that we appreciate you asking about them :-)"

Adopter Kay says:

"Sabrina is a delightful companion. She is shy by nature but is becoming more and more outgoing. I think she may have been somewhat abused previously because she cowered for the first couple of months when I brought her home.

Sabrina follows me from room to room as we enjoy the sunshine in the home together.  She is still very playful and loves to chase reflections in the sun; she plays ball, kicking and throwing it; she still likes to play with ribbon and yarn. We share time in the evening by her sitting on the back of my chair. She gives me kisses on the cheek and grooms my hair.

Sabrina is a very special kitty.  I love her. You may post and praise Sabrina. She is a beautiful kitty. I am so glad it was you who rescued her and so happy to now know more of her history."

Adopter Janelle says:

"I am amazed that the New Year is upon us.  Ella and her brother, Leopold, are over one year old.

I adopted Leo from PetSmart about one month before Ella.  They have had a very busy year.  Ella and Leo adjusted very well to our family.  Cherokee, our 17 year old lab chow mix, took to them well, and our old cat, Scamper, found a good friend in Ella.  They now snuggle together on the chair in the office.  Ella loves playing with Leo, and they also snuggle and love each other.  Ella loves to communicate with coos when we speak to her.  I think she has taught Leo how to do the same because Leo now speaks to us with his own cooing sound.  They both meow, as well, but Ella answers me most often with her coos.  Ella has a favorite blue blanket.  After I brought her home, I discovered she really liked my blue fuzzy pajamas and would kneed and purr when snuggling into the soft jammies, so I purchased a soft, blue, baby blanket which she still loves. Both Ella and Leo traveled to Dana Point, CA, during the fall.  We stayed in our condo there for 3 ½ months.  They are my companions and babies.  Ella is a wonderful traveler.  Leo was more afraid, but Ella was there to console him.  We returned to Colorado on December 15th to celebrate Christmas with my husband, four children, parents, sister, brother-in-law, and niece.  It has been a wonderful year for all of us.

I hope we can encourage others to adopt more cats and dogs in need of a home.  My family has been very blessed to have Ella, Leo, Scamper, and Cherokee in our lives.

Thank you for all you do for the many kittens and grown cats who need shelter and homes."

Adopters Madeleine & Dallas say:

"My husband and I recently received a 'gotcha day' card celebrating Riggins! You said that if we wanted to brag we could send photos, so we wouldn't miss that opportunity! Here are pictures of some of his favorite places to hang out!"

Adopters Mike & Tina S say:

"She is named Noel because she came to us after Christmas (12/28/14). Mike feeds Noel the way she wants and she sleeps with me on my face and neck.  Yes, she has taught us well."

"Thanks for helping us adopt Noel last year.  She is happy and an important part of our family thanks to you.  ...  Keep up the good cat work!"

Adopter Jordan N. says:

"I just got your card in the mail. I had been out of town visiting family and friends for the holidays. Alonso travels well. The first time I traveled with him he freaked out for the first 45 minutes, but slept the rest of the way.

I like my new camera lens I bought a couple months ago. Here's a few of my favorite pictures. These were taken in July/August timeframe.  I came up with Alonso from Doctor Who."

Adopter Scott T. says:

"... [S]he pretty much runs the house, as well as Bagel, who occasionally loves on her, though he's mostly jealous and hisses & growls a lot when she interferes in his time with us. They are both very well loved and spoiled a lot, and my wife calls them the 'Babies' if that gives you any idea of how they live."

Adopter Sue says:

"A year after I lost my Ebony, I adopted 2 more cats from Cat Care Society. These little 7 month oldBOYS were a handful! Leo is an orange tabby and Matteo is a long haired black cat. And, they LOVE each other! They are about 6 years old now. I am so grateful these two get along! They chase each other, clean each other, play together, and cuddle with me and each other! I am so blessed to have their abundance of energy, playfulness, and they keep me young!

Why am I sharing this? Cat Care Society has given me 4 of my "fur children." Being a single teacher and living alone all these years, my pets have provided me companionship, love, patience, laughter and so, so much love!  I have referred numerous families, neighbors, and friends to Cat Care Society because of their commitment to saving, rescuing, and placing cats in loving homes...and I will continue to do so!"

Adopter Nancy K. says:

"I wanted to send this picture today of Precious relaxing on the bed, sorry for the delay.  I think she is adjusting nicely, she has definitely asserted herself with the dogs in the house and she is definitely 'in charge' so I’m glad that she is comfortable enough to not be afraid of the other pets. ... I think she is doing great and is a beautiful addition to our family."

Adopter David says:

"Ruby is now with us for more than 6 years. She still hides when anyone but Meredith or I come into the house. But when she hears Meredith's Jeep pull into the driveway, she trots over to the front door to greet her. When I am sitting at my computer, Ruby comes over to claim me as her territory by scratching at my leg like a scratch-post. I am glad I have mastered the art of keeping her claws trim and safe for my jeans! 

... Even at more than eleven years old, Ruby often believes she is a kitten. This means it's time to play! Lately it is less chase-the-string and more swat-the-ball. I roll a 3" diameter smooth sponge center ball toward Ruby. As the ball nears, she crouches with eyes wide open and ears a little back. When the ball arrives, she swats the ball, returning it to me. She's ready for another one! 

As Autumn sets in and the air in the house is cooler, Ruby is more active than during the hot days of summer. As I walk in the house, Ruby sprints past me, insisting she be the first to enter the next room. She asserts her victory by raking her claws on the scratching post in the room, claiming her territory. We sure are glad she lets us live in her house with her."

Adopter Julia says:

"Hi Suellen, thanks for the nice note about Tweetie, once known as Harriet. She is my tweetie pie, for sure, and  I'm so glad she found me! She and her big brother Spooky, adopted about six years ago from Cat Care Society where he was known as Raisin, get along nicely - I can't say Spooky's nuts about her, but they adapted quickly to each other and are good friends. She's nuts about him, but he likes to make sure she knows who was here first.

 She follows me around a lot, throwing herself down, rolling over, all four paws in the air, and meowing, Scratch my back, Scratch my back. And so, of course, I do. Thanks so much to you and the Cat Care Society for all the excellent work you do."

Adopters Stephanie & Jon say:

"Here are our 2 cats, Misty the tortie, and Lily the silver Tabby.  They are doing well together.  We also have a 4 yo wheaten terrier in the mix."

Adopter Donna says:

"I am happy to report that Gracie and Isaac are very comfortable in their new home.  Gracie adapted first, of course.  She only hid under the bed for a few days before she warmed up to me.  Isaac took much longer, but watching him make daily progress was most rewarding.  He was so afraid when I brought him home.  He didn't even sound like a cat, he sounded more like a howling wolf.  That has changed over time.  The best day for me with Isaac was the day he jumped up on my lap.  I was so afraid to scare him that I wouldn't touch him.  After about 10 minutes, I put my hands on him, and he still sat with me.  He does that regularly now, and he loves it when I wrap my arms around him. ...

Both Gracie and Isaac are great companions to me and to each other.  They lay together and play together, and they fight together!  They regularly groom each other.  Isaac loves to follow me around the house (especially when I'm headed to the kitchen).  They are happy cats. ... They are the best cats.  I have not had any behavioral issues with them.  They have the routine down, and lead me to where I need to be!  I am very, very happy with my decision to bring them home."

Adopters Lanette & Joey say:

"Taylor is just fine.  He is my baby boy.  He has really grown since we brought him home.  His fur is so beautiful.  We also had a Russian Blue named Stella when we brought him home.   The absolutely love each and are always together.  Taylor has a very special place in my heart though.  We snuggle daily and he sleeps right at my feet on the bed at night.  He has the most adorable little meow when he wants to sit on my lap and curl up on me.  Stella is the 'Mom' to him though.  She is a year older and always tries to clean him up.  I swear she is going to lick all the fur off his face one of these days.  I don't know what I did without him before.  He is very quiet most of the time.  He eats more food than Stella.  I have a cat tree for them and they both like the very top .  One of them is always in it.  Sometimes they are both in it and it looks like someone is going to fall out at any minute!  They are indoor kitties.  I never let them outside.  My husband and I love both of them so much.  Taylor has really helped calm Stella down too.  The love each other so much.  Please enjoy the picture I have attached.  They are snuggled on the back of the couch- they do that a lot.  Thank You for giving me my Taylor Baby Boy[.]"

Adopters, Karen and Don K. say:

"It's hard to believe it's been a year.  We are enjoying them so much!  I have attached some pictures for you.  Winnie is definitely the big sister and also the most outgoing.  She gives kisses to everyone, even at the vet.  She enjoys watching golf on TV and chases the ball.  We call Roxanne the "amazing Roxanne" because she tends to be a bit of a dare devil.  She enjoys watching hockey, and chases the players.  Violet is her daddy's girl.  She is truly a shrinking Violet.  Violet enjoys chasing the cursor on the computer screen.  Thank you again."

Adopters, Kim & Devin G. say:

"[Lance, formerly Perry] has been a wonderful addition to our family and we look forward to years of joy and happiness with him. We have attached a photo with ... an example of how he gets along with our other cat Norman (9 years old). Lance has learned a lot from Norman and every month they seem to grow closer.  Thanks again to Cat Care Society and all the volunteers!"

Here is CCS alumni Jacinth at the CFA cat show. He won 4 ribbons in the household category. He is a classic orange tabby. He was adopted by Sharon on  09.16.2011 as a kitten.

Sharon also adopted his sister Onyx and shows her on occasion.

Adoptors, Fred and Rebecca Kocher say:

"Muffler, Mittens and Tux have been a joy to us ever since they came home with us last summer as 11 week old kittens. ...  Even though they look like adults they are still very much kittens which we enjoy.  They are still very playful and each has their favorite toys.  Muffler likes to drag certain toys around, like the kind that have the stick with feathers or something else on the end of it.  He fetches these from time to time.  He is also quite acrobatic with leaps in the air chasing after this same type of toy.  Mittens is quite the fetcher.  He will repeatedly fetch his favorite toy and bring it back again and again.  He also likes to chase the same type of toys that Muffler does.  Tux is the little monkey who likes to leap and swing on to the cat tower.  He will catch his favorite mouse toys from the top perch and bat them back to us.  He also likes the same toys that Muffler and Mittens do.  They all sleep with us every night.  They have no behavioral issues whatsoever.  Thank you and Cat Care Society for providing such a wonderful service for cats."

  Tony’s Adopter, says:

Here is Tony, originally known as Pinky. Tony has not only read the official cat book, I think he authored it.  He is 7 1/2 years old and believes he is a kitten. He will steal broccoli and lettuce, beg (and steal) the tuna/chicken can, plus jump in the fridge and wonder why you're looking at him. If you don't get up early enough to feed him, he will play patty cake on our eyelids.  Works every time too!  He also enjoys scrabbling on the wood floors for no reason. He will still reach out and touch you if you aren't paying attention to him.

  Adopter, Shirley G. says:

Mr. "B" is the coolest cat I've ever known. He loves his "kitty condo" and outdoor leash walks. I can't even express how much "Mr. B" means to me. He is my very best pal and such a love. We are both very blessed. (note: the photo is from Mr. B’s appearance on Petline9 in April 2014, which generated many calls. Mr. Bigglesworth came to CCS when his owner died. He was 10.5 years old at the time and therefore eligilble for the CCS Perpet-U-Care program. We only had him for 15 short days before Shirley came in and Mr. B chose her).

Adopter, Margaret A. says:

Here is Simba, originally known as Curly, zonked out on the printer in our home office. My husband has opened the back of the printer for the paper to exit, so as not to disturb Simba on top of the printer. My husband works from home and Simba wants to be where people are, so he snoozes on the printer when my husband is in the office. Simba has turned into a very affectionate lap cat.

Adopter, Kathy B. says:

My son, Adam, and I adopted Simon, aka Sport, from the Society in 2009. We went looking for a Maine Coon type kitty, and ended up with a short hair black and white one instead. Blame it on the Purple Room at the Society. It is the room of lovers. Simon climbed into our laps and into our hearts. He sweet talked my son into picking him out of the crowd. Honestly, this was probably the last color I would have chosen, but Simon was determined that he was going home with us. He was approximately 5 years old and behaved like a perfect gentleman even when we had to fold his too long tail into the pet carrier.

Adam and I adore Simon, and he has taught us all of his tricks, including how to fetch. Yes, we fetch him his toys, treats, and everything else he requires, while he, in turn, fetches a very long cat toy thrown down the stairs and drops it at our feet. If it isn't tossed again for him, he meows loudly reminding us to do so. Simon enjoys water too, and is just fine with a bath. I think maybe there's a dog somewhere in his sketchy DNA. Here's our wonderful cat, and thank you to the Cat Care Society for recognizing purr-fection in the black and white fur coat.

Adopter, Keri E. says:

This is Chester. He is four years old. I got him as a tiny kitten in 2006 after I just moved to Denver and was missing my cat back home at my parents' house. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. However, he had just had hernia surgery and needed another one in a few weeks to finish it. I felt so bad for this poor little kitty, so I took him home and spoiled him rotten. I was living with my brother and his best friend at the time and they gave him "tiger training" to make him into a tough cat. And to this day he can be a little punk. His nickname is "Pesters". I am so thankful to CCS for allowing Chester to be in my life.

Adopter, Kathy H. says:

For Valentine's Day this year, my husband Richard and I adopted 2 bundles of love from CCS.  We had been visiting for a couple of months, and wanted to get 2 cats who wanted to stay together.  When we saw Zander and Meika, we knew they were the cats for us.  Zander is a frisky and friendly gray tiger, and Meika is a sweet and talkative tortie.  They had been together in a home previously, and as you can see by the photo, they get along marvelously.  By now they have us trained pretty well. They have the run of the house and find lots of cozy sleeping places, their favorite being right on our bed, of course.  Every day they make us laugh with their antics, and make great companions as they curl up purring on our laps.

Adopter, Mindy F. says:

We adopted our balls of fur back in 2007, I believe.  I had just lost my Pepo (died at the age of 16) and was so empty.  My husband and I started looking at cats at different shelters and it was so difficult to see them in cages.  I did some googling and found Cat Care Society so off we went one Saturday afternoon.  We brought a carrier thinking we might bring home one cat.  Well we brought home 2!  We still had an elderly cat at home and were told that adopting 2 together would be better for the elderly cat.  Well, it didn't quite work out that way. Be was the little terror and would constantly chase Cleo (our older cat).  I wished that Cleo could have finished out her life not hiding under the bed or under the loveseat, but that's what happened.  But had we not adopted Be and Fuzz, we wouldn't have the joy we have today.

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