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2017 Tails of the Painted Cats (Drawings)

Heather Allen, Executive Director – Media Relations 
303.239.9680 x15

Meet our 23 Painted Cats and 8 Mini Cats for the 2017 Tails of the Painted Cats Gala!

We are pleased to introduce the 23 Painted Cats for 2017: 
Fantasia by artist Laurie Adams 
Cagron by artist Barbara Benlik
Blue Iris by artist Tanis Bula
Down on the Farm by artist Mary Clark 
Galactic Cat by artist Jess Doutrich
The True Wild One by artist Jane McFadden Dorsey
Garden Queen by artist Bryn Freeman
Metallicat by artist Jamie Fritz
Draco Kitten by artist Kimberley Gray
Knotty Kitty by artist Kathee Jones 
Twilight Kitty by artist Betsy Keyser
DolliePurrdon by artist Pat Lickly
Golden Age of Hollywood by artist Wendy Luck
Poppycat by artist Laura McElfresh
Celtic Kitty by artist Jill McFarland
The Naked Cat by artist Jamie McWhirt
Cat china by artist Patricia Pierce-Phillips 
Frenchie by artist Bette Rehner
Tribal Cat by artist Todd Resley
Colorado Kitty by artist Jennifer Ressmann
Garden of Catty Delights by artist Cortnye Rusch
Pawsley (Raffle Cat) by artist Amanda Salazar
Puss in Boots by artist Jane McFadden Dorsey

We are pleased to introduce the 8 Mini Painted Cats for 2017: 
Black Cat Hide and Seek by artist Luis Contreras
Harlequin by artist Patti Henschen
Cat Ballou by artist Joan Kaufman
Festival by artist Jackie McFarland
Hot and Cold Tigress by Juliette Orr
BoHo the Hobo by artist Pam Schmidt
Sacred Cat by artist Pam Schmidt
Flowery Mischief by artist Ashley Trowbridge

Tails of the Painted Cats Gala will be held on September 16, 2017 at Pinehurst Country Club.

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