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LoveAnimals Crowdfund Launched to Raise Funds for Rocky and Rigby's Surgeries


Heather Allen, Executive Director – Media Relations 
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Rocky & Rigby have severe medical issues that require surgery and they need your help! 

CCS Has Teamed with LoveAnimals.org to Raise Funds for Rocky & Rigby's Diagnostics, Necessary Surgeries and Special Care.


Rocky has faced some challenges the last 8 years of his life. He was adopted and returned to CCS several times. In the fall of 2015, Rocky was returned to CCS for aggression towards the resident cats.

Shortly after Rocky arrived back at the shelter he became quite ill. He was lethargic, not eating, had diarrhea and a fever. The Cat Clinic ran multiple blood screen panels on Rocky to determine the cause. It was discovered he was having issues with his liver and the Clinic began medication therapy. When the treatments did not work, he had additional blood screen panels and an X-ray. The X-ray results indicated he had a possible mass on his liver; Rocky needed an ultrasound for definitive answers.

Rigby is a 9 year old declawed senior that was brought to CCS when he began acting aggressively towards the cats in his home. Rigby had a tough time when he arrived at the shelter; he was very shy and reclusive. It took several weeks until he felt safe to come out of his shell and trust the staff caring for him.

We noticed right away that Rigby had a strong odor (like an intact male cat) and it was thought that he was cryptorchid (that he had a retained testicle). After further testing at the Cat Clinic, it was determined he was not cryptorchid but possibly had an issue with his adrenal gland.


Rocky’s ultrasound results determined he did indeed have a tumor on his liver and he was also suffering from cholangiohepatitis (an infection of the liver and bile ducts). Rocky immediately began treatment for the cholangiohepatitis which is a 12-16 week course of strong (and expensive) medications. At that time, the liver tumor appeared benign but the veterinarians still wanted to monitor it for changes and Rocky was to have a repeat ultrasound in 6 months.

After almost 4 months, Rocky made a full recovery from the cholangiohepatitis. However, he just had his repeat ultrasound and the results determined that his liver tumor has grown. Because the tumor has grown we need to address this issue right away. Based on the location of the tumor and its current size, surgery by a specialist is the best option for Rocky. Having the liver tumor surgically removed will provide Rocky with longevity and quality of life. With surgery, our sweet Rocky should make a full recovery and find his forever home!

Rigby saw a specialist for an ultrasound and the test determined he has a tumor on his adrenal gland. To be thorough we sent out a specialized test, the ACTH test with adrenal panel to help us determine if Rigby could be treated with medication or if surgery was the best option. Based on the test results, surgery by a specialist is the best long-term option for Rigby. Surgery will provide him with comfort and quality of life; surgery will also give Rigby the option of finding an adoptive home (right now folks don’t want to adopt him due to his odor). With surgery, our sweet Rigby should make a full recovery and find his forever home!

Rocky Surgery to Remove Liver Tumor $3,500; Rocky Supportive Care $1,600; Rocky Continued Care $900; ROCKY TOTAL: $6,000. 

Rigby Surgery to Remove Adrenal Gland Tumor $4,600; Rigby Supportive Care $1,800; Rigby Continued Care $600; RIGBY TOTAL: $ 7,000. 

To help Rocky and Rigby heal we need to raise $13,000 for their care.

Rocky has faced many challenges in his life but he never let it affect his loving personality. He absolutely adores every human he meets; he especially loves belly scratches and playtime. With your support, Rocky can have a long and happy life!

Despite Rigby’s medical challenges he has become a very well-adjusted, social and loving cat and he is quick to greet new visitors entering his room. With your support, Rigby can have comfort and quality of life!

Please visit our LoveAnimals.org Crowdfund page to read Rocky and Rigby’s entire story and see why they need your help: http://www.loveanimals.org/campaigns/rocky-rigby-need-you/579a9a6415ab881c15b01134

Watch Rocky and Rigby’s YouTube Videos! http://bit.ly/2aCXyPx and  http://bit.ly/2aGFP7j

Visit Rocky and Rigby’s Facebook Album: http://bit.ly/2aJxfBJ

Please help Rocky and Rigby heal so they can have the second chance at life they both deserve!

Thank you for your support!

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