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Only 3 Artists Left to Sponsor for 2017 Tails of the Painted Cats

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Only 3 Artists Left to Sponsor for 2017 Tails of the Painted Cats

Artist Sponsorships are the key to making the Tails of the Painted Cats event get off to a flying start. Sponsorship dollars pay for the fiberglass forms the artists paint and that’s not all! Thanks to a sponsor, each artist receives a small stipend to help with the cost of supplies, and a ticket to the Tails Gala so they can watch their cat being auctioned off to its forever home.

There are two sponsorship levels. The basic at $450.00 pays for the above and the second level at $600 (most popular) includes two tickets for the sponsor as well. You will be invited to meet your artist at a Champagne Reception in February.

To sponsor an artist please contact Jane Dorsey at ccsvolunteer@catcaresociety.org. 

Sponsorship opportunities are going fast this year, so don’t wait too long!

Artist sponsorships are tax deductible.

Only 3 Artists Left to Sponsor!

Festival by artist Jackie McFarland

Festival is inspired by a carnival style design and has incredible detail. This bright and boldly colored mini cat will instantly brighten your mood when you see her!

Jackie McFarland is a well-known watercolorist in the Denver area and she belongs to the Colorado Watercolor Society.

Hot and Cold Tigress by artist Juliette Orr

Hot and Cold Tigress is inspired by Juliette’s Maine Coon kitty, Tahluelah who is described as “ hot & cold.” This beautiful mini cat contrasts both warm and cool colors with black glitter stripes separating each color.

Hot and Cold Tigress is a stunning piece with a relatable story because at some point in time many of us have had a hot and cold tigress in our own feline family!

Flowery Mischief by artist Ashlea Trowbridge

Flowery Mischief is inspired by Ashlea’s friend’s cat that enjoys playing in her garden and how at peace she is amongst the flowers. This precious mini cat is a heartwarming piece because so many creatures find peace in nature and it is something we can say we are all part of.

Flowery Mischief is comprised of acrylic paint, sculptural scratchworks to construct the flowers, leaves and vines.

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