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Eight Reasons to Adopt a Senior Cat by Sierra M. Koester, Cat Care Society Volunteer

Friday, November 21, 2014

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, and there are lots of wonderful senior kitties waiting for forever homes at Cat Care Society.

Why adopt a senior cat?  Here are just a few reasons.

1. Whereas a kitten's personality is still developing, a senior cat's personality has already developed.  You'll know right away whether your senior kitty is a lap cat, talkative, quiet, or playful.  Please keep in mind, though, that shelters are stressful places for cats, so a senior's personality might not shine through as strongly as it will once she adjusts to her new home.

Lucy, an adoptable senior cat at Cat Care Society.

2. Senior kitties often still enjoy play sessions with their people or other feline companions, but you probably won't have to worry about him getting into things he shouldn't.  Kittens, on the contrary, often get into mischief and need a lot of supervision.

3. Older cats are typically already litter box trained.

4. Senior kitties are typically more patient and tolerant than kittens.  They may be the best choice for homes with children. 

Brietta, an adoptable senior at Cat Care Society.

5. Older cats provide great companionship.  Many adult cats are happy to curl up and nap in your lap or near you while you watch your favorite TV program or read a book.

6. Cats are living long, happy lives today.  It's not uncommon for a cat to live into her late teens or twenties.  Don't let the fear of not having much time with a senior cat keep you from adopting one.  She could have many good years left!

7. Seniors typically have better manners than younger cats.  An older cat probably understands he can scratch his scratching post but not your couch.  He knows he can sleep on your bed at night, but he shouldn't bite your toes while you're asleep.  And he understands he can climb his cat tower but not your curtains.

Ruby, an adoptable senior at Cat Care Society. 

8. Many older kitties find themselves at the shelter through no fault of their own.  Perhaps their former owner passed away or went to a nursing home.  Maybe their family moved and couldn't take their cat with them.  When you adopt a senior, you are giving her a second chance at a happy, loving forever home, and she will happily reward you with her friendship and unconditional love. 

Cat Care Society has many wonderful seniors looking for their forever homes.  You can see them all on the Cats for Adoption page. 

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