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10 Cat Facts for National Cat Day

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

In honor of National Cat Day, I thought it would be fun to share some interesting cat facts with you.  Enjoy!

  1. Most kittens are born with blue eyes.  They change color as they age.
  2. There are calico male cats - about one calico in every 3,000 is male.  This occurs due to Klinefelter Syndrome.  This condition occurs when a male cat possesses an extra X chromosome, which allows for the expression of the calico coat pattern (Vetstreet).
  3. According to Discover Magazine, cats are near-sighted, but not close-sighted; they cannot see anything less than a foot from them.  
  4. Cats do not have collarbones, which allows them to fit through spaces the size of their heads, according to Trupanion
  5. Cats are one of the few mammals that lack taste receptors for sweetness (Discover Magazine).
  6. According to Purina, more cats are left-pawed than right.
  7. Approximately 75% of cats respond to catnip (Purina).  
  8. Cats almost never meow at each other - they reserve this type of communication for humans (North Shore Animal League). 
  9. Cats use their whiskers to determine if they can fit through a space.
  10. According to the North Shore Animal League, a scared feline can run at speeds of up to 31 miles per hour! 

This post is written by Sierra M. Koester, Cat Care Society Volunteer and Professional Blogger. 

Black Cat Appreciation Adoption Special

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cairo, one of the beautiful, sweet black panthers waiting for adoption at Cat Care Society.

Monday, August 17th, is Black Cat Appreciation Day!  To celebrate our love of black cats, Cat Care Society is holding a week-ling Black Cat Appreciation Adoption Special.

From August 18th through August 23rd, you can name your price on any black cat or cat with some black fur one year of age or older, or you can spin the wheel to determine your adoption fee.  Land on light or dark blue, and have your adoption fee waived.  If the wheel stops on purple, green, or yellow, pay $8, and if it stops on red, pay $17 for your new cat.

Why should you adopt a black cat?  

  • Black goes with everything!
  • In many cultures, black cats are a sign of good luck.
  • They look like mini black panthers.
  • Black fur doesn't show up on your black clothes.
  • They are as loving, affectionate, and sweet as any other color cat.
  • Adopting a cat saves a life!
Black cats currently available for adoption at Cat Care Society:

Please stop by the shelter to check out all of our black cats and cats with black fur.

This post is written by Sierra M. Koester, Professional Blogger and Cat Care Society Volunteer. 

5 Ways to Love Your Cat on Love Your Pet Day

Friday, February 20, 2015

Love Your Pet Day always falls on February 20th, and it's good excuse to give your cat a little extra love and attention.  Below are some easy ways to show your cat a little extra love today.

Give Affection: Some cats enjoy cuddling or hugs.  Others enjoy being petted or scratched behind their ears.  And some just want to sit near you and enjoy your company.  Whatever type of affection your cat likes, be sure to give him a little extra attention today.

Play: Many indoor-only cats can easily become bored.  Show your cat you love her by having an (extra) play session today.  A lot of cats like fishing pole-type toys, like Neko flies.  Some cats also enjoy chasing a laser pointer's red dot, but be sure not to shine it in your cat's eye. 

You can also help entertain your cat when you're not home by giving her toys she can play with on her own, such as catnip toys, puzzle feeders, or crinkle balls. 

Treats: An occasional treat is a great way to show your cat a little extra love.  According to About.com, the ideal treat is small (only a little taste rather than an entire meal), smelly (appeals to the cat's sense of smell), different than the cat's usual food, and rare.  Greenies and ProPlan Savory Bites are two of my cats' favorites.  What are your cat's favorite treats?

Watch Cat TV: Some kitties, like my cat, Milita, really enjoy watching cat TV.  Milita's favorite program is "Meerkat Manor."  Cat DVDs and nature shows are also very entertaining.  Sit down with your cat, and put on some nature programs to see which ones interest him.

Environmental Enrichment: Environmental enrichment reduces boredom.  Provide your cat with different types of toys to play with, and rotate them every few days to keep her from becoming bored with the same toys.  Set up a window perch so your cat can watch out the window comfortably.  Place bird and squirrel feeders outside your cat's favorite window so she can watch small animals come and go during the day.  

Vertical space is important for many cats, especially in a multicat home.  Cat perches, trees, shelves, and cat walkways are all excellent ways to provide your kitty with vertical space.  

Enriching your cat's environment may be an ongoing project, but you can start by doing something small today.  Purchase your kitty a new perch, put a few shelves on your wall this weekend, or shop around for the perfect tree or condo.  

These are only a few of the ways you can show your cat you love him.  How do you show your cat love?  Please share with us in the comments section!

This post is written by Sierra M. Koester, Cat Care Society Volunteer and Professional Blogger. 

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