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Cat Care Society’s Year-End Appeal Shares Bella’s Story, Ending In Finding Her Forever Home

Tuesday, December 15, 2015
The Society’s Expanding Foster Care Program Gives A Young Tabby A Second Chance

“Our latest second-chance story is about a young tabby named Bella,” Cat Care Society (CCS) Board President Gail Tinianow says. Bella’s story is being showcased as the CCS 2015 year-end appeal for both direct mail and online fundraising campaigns.

“Bella came to CCS in June 2015, when her human died suddenly. We examined and spayed her, and after a few days of recovery we moved her into the general shelter population. She was ill at ease at first, and spent extra time in the "stress kennel" (a sort of safe room where cats can be alone while they adjust),” Tinianow recalls.

The CCS team noticed that Bella’s personality was erratic.

“One moment she was happy and cuddly; the next she was acting aggressively toward the other cats. Clearly Bella was mourning the loss of her human; and we thought she was probably hormonal, as a result of being spayed as an adult, and over time her moods would balance out. But after several weeks she was still picking fights. We put her on a mood-stabilizing medication. But she kept fighting, with every cat that came near her,” Tinianow explains. 

Bella’s story was full of twists and turns, but CCS had a workable solution: the CCS Foster Care Program.

“The foster home made all the difference for Bella. In the shelter, she had been on a downward spiral, getting more and more aggressive. In one month of foster care, she adjusted fully to living with multiple cats. And, almost three months to the day after Bella first came to CCS, a visitor came in looking for a younger cat. When she met Bella and heard her story, she was sold: Bella was adopted,” Tinianow recounts.

Bella lives with her new “Mom” now, and they have formed a strong bond. Affectionate once more, Bella loves being held, eats heartily and enjoys exploring her new home. Because of the persistent Cat Care Society team, Bella was given a second chance at life in a forever home.

Bella's story shows the lengths CCS goes to, in giving cats second-or third or fourth-chances. The expanding CCS Foster Care Program is an extension of the in-shelter team, which works so hard to achieve positive outcomes like Bella's. Link to read the full appeal:http://bit.ly/1NS91ox.

With just a few more days left in 2015, there is still time to make a tax-deductible, year-end gift to Cat Care Society. Donors may drop off contributions at the CCS shelter, 5787 W. Sixth Avenue, during business hours or handle the process online at: http://bit.ly/1vxKNa6.

October Adoption Tales by Karlyn Mendez, CCS Adoption Assistant

Sunday, November 15, 2015
Feather (pictured) - “Molly” fit right in. She is described as affectionate and friendly and resides with a small dog.

Parker - likes to crawl on laps and snuggles between the owners on the bed. Parker shares his home with 2 other older cats and they all tolerate each other.

Elvira “Middie” - went home with an older woman. She snooped into everything and likes mellow music. She also likes to play with the crinkle ball and catnip carrot.

Maggie “Miss Sasha”- loves tummy rubs and wants attention on her terms and is nocturnal.  She doesn’t mind the dog.

Buddy - shares his home with an elderly couple and 2 dogs. He likes the husband and is affectionate and delightful. He enjoys his homemade wand toys.

Bella - gradually warmed up and is getting used to being held and gives love. She lives with a single young woman.

Xena - is healthy and happy. She enjoys pets and rubs behind the ears. A married couple with pre-teen daughters took her home.

Beverly “Alluka”- is confident and adjusted quickly. She likes having lots of attention and went home with a single young man.

Happy Tails: Ruby

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Here's a Happy Tail about a Cat Care Society alumni, Ruby.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did!

Ruby came to the shelter in 2004 as a kitten and she was adopted by an older women with 2 cats and a small dog. She came back to the shelter in 2008 when her person died. She was very shy and depressed and was not eating well. A couple adopted her along with another shelter cat but she continued to do poorly and due to her medical issues she came back to the shelter.  

The shelter staff went to great lengths to get her well again but she continued to be very shy and depressed and wouldn't eat. She went downstairs to live in the clinic so the clinic staff could monitor her. She would venture out and climb into the lap of a volunteer who would spend time with her but for the most part, she hid in her kitty bed.

One day someone donated a tall six foot cat tree. It was temporarily stored at the bottom of the stairs. Ruby came across the tree as she wandered around the lower floor and found that she loved hanging out in that tree. Her spirits improved and she started to eat better. The tree became a permanent fixture while Ruby was there and it was decided that it would go home with her when she was adopted. 

One of the clinic volunteers had a friend who wanted to adopt a shy cat and she told him "I know just the cat for you". David was introduced to Ruby and he and his wife Meredith fell in love with her. They brought her home and she's been with them ever since. 

Here's what David has to say about Ruby: Ruby is now with us for more than 6 years. She still hides when anyone but Meredith or I come into the house. But when she hears Meredith's Jeep pull into the driveway, she trots over to the front door to greet her. When I am sitting at my computer, Ruby comes over to claim me as her territory by scratching at my leg like a scratch-post. I am glad I have mastered the art of keeping her claws trim and safe for my jeans! 

One of Ruby's favorite hangouts is her cat tree. This came from the Cat Care Society. When she sits on the top platform, she is six feet off the ground and feels safe and in command of the world. From this platform in front of the window, she watches cars, dog walkers, squirrels, and children walk by.

Even at more than eleven years old, Ruby often believes she is a kitten. This means it's time to play! Lately it is less chase-the-string and more swat-the-ball. I roll a 3" diameter smooth sponge center ball toward Ruby. As the ball nears, she crouches with eyes wide open and ears a little back. When the ball arrives, she swats the ball, returning it to me. She's ready for another one! 

As Autumn sets in and the air in the house is cooler, Ruby is more active than during the hot days of summer. As I walk in the house, Ruby sprints past me, insisting she be the first to enter the next room. She asserts her victory by raking her claws on the scratching post in the room, claiming her territory. We sure are glad she lets us live in her house with her.

This post is written by Sierra M. Koester, Cat Care Society Volunteer and Professional Blogger. 

September's Happy Tails

Friday, October 23, 2015

Here are our adoption tales from September.  Congratulations to all the cats who found their forever homes and to the human companions who adopted them!

Jet ("Orion"): Orion is a good cat who enjoys playing with his yarn toy.

Spice: Spice explored and has become comfortable in her new home.  She enjoys playing with her mouse toy and cuddling on her human's bed.

MiKo and Tasha: Miko (pictured above) and Tasha remain a bonded pair and interact well with family and friends.

McKellen ("Spaz"): Spaz likes playing with his mouse wand toy but doesn't like his feather wand toy.  

Alaska and Montana ("Monti"): One of the kitties hid in the stereo speaker the first day they went home.  Both Alaska (pictured above) and Monti sleep late and are active at night.

Jarrett ("Apollo"): Apollo is quite talkative and inquisitive, especially when the air conditioning comes on.

Neddy ("Alfred"): Alfred is full of love and likes to snuggle.  He thinks Q-tips are fun and is getting along well with the two younger cats he shares his home with.  

Penelope ("Penny"): Penny loves her catnip pickle and laser light toy.

Kozi: Kozi was adopted by one of Cat Care Society's cleaning staff.  She enjoys playing with her catnip banana and sleeping under the bed covers.  She is reported to eat like a, "steam shovel."  

This post was written by Sierra M. Koester, Cat Care Society Volunteer and Professional Blogger. 

August's Happy Tails

Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Several Cat Care kitties found their forever homes in August.  Here are updates on our August alumni.  

Miller: Miller found his new forever home.  He lives with an English Setter.  He likes the dog and loves his new humans.  

Mistletoe (now Sylvester): Sylvester also found his forever home.  He loves to play and snuggle.

Cedar: Cedar lives with a man and his roommate.  The roommate has a 15-year-old cat.  Cedar is always on his best behavior and is described as a, "good kitty."

Logan (now Loki): Loki likes to roam around his new home and rule it as his kingdom.

Augustine (now G.C.): G.C. likes playing with a variety of toys and is described as, "one happy guy."

Aubrey (now Selina): Selina found her new forever home with a family, and she enjoys playing with her wand toy.

Spencer: Spencer went home with one of Cat Care Society's vet techs, and he likes to lay on people as if he is a rug.  

Information for this post was provided by Karlyn Mendez, Shelter Assistant. 

July's Happy Tails

Monday, August 17, 2015

Here are some great adoption updates from July.  I hope you enjoy!


Lila and Kade (now Zoey and Coco): Zoey and Coco love their tunnels and cat beds.  They are also learning to use their turbo scratcher.

Violet (now Shiva): Shiva is quite affectionate with her new person and likes playing, "Hide and Seek," in her cat tunnel.  

Sable: Sable loves interacting with her new family, sleeping, and being pet.

Riva (now Miss Riva): Miss Riva meows for attention a lot and is quite demanding of her new human servants (just the way it should be)! 

This post is written by Sierra M Koester, Cat Care Society Volunteer with information provided by Karlyn Mendez, Cat Care Society Shelter Assistant. 

Adoption Tales By CCS Shelter Assistant Karlyn Mendez

Monday, July 27, 2015
Our 'Forever Home' recap from June 27th:

London (pictured here) - “Jasmine” found a home with one of our new volunteer socializers and her family. She is doing quite well in her new home and her personality has improved ten-fold. She chirps during playtime with owners and loves the fresh air from the window.

Wyatt & Alex - “Oder & Uller” were adopted by two men. Both cats like watching owners do their yard work and hate the washer and dryer. Oder likes to bat toys and Uller window watches. 

Benji - “Arthur” also got a home with one of our volunteers. He shares his home with 4 other cats. He is still a bit timid but is content and purrs a lot.

Douglas - “D.C.” (Stands for Douglas Cat) is a very wired and hyper kind of guy. Definitely doesn’t need coffee to wake up! He is an only child and is adjusting to his home.

Cheddar - “Brio” feels very at home and tolerates the older cat. She enjoys her owner’s lap and loves pets.

Link to view all of our adoptable cats

March Happy Tails

Saturday, April 25, 2015

I'm excited to share March's Adoption Tails with all of you!  I hope you enjoy them.


Josie and Jasmine: Josie and Jasmine found a forever home together.  They are a little shy, so they are adjusting to their new environment slowly.  They are warming up well.

Polonius ("Zeus"): Zeus is talkative and independent.  He enjoys playing with small dogs, and he even wags his tail like a dog.  He also likes sitting on top of the fish tank!

Penelope ("Socks")

Penelope ("Socks"): Socks likes to sleep and hang out with her new human.

Sid ("Strider"): Sid likes to explore.  His new human is working on socializing him more (as Strider is a little shy).  He shares his new home with an older female cat, and they are getting along well together.

This post is written by Sierra M. Koester, Professional Blogger and Cat Care Society Volunteer, with information and updates provided by Karlyn Mendez. 

February Happy Tails

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Here are some Happy Tails about the kitties who were adopted from our shelter in February.  Thank you, Karlyn Mendez for collecting these stories!

Sabrina - Sabrina is inquisitive in her new home and likes to give her new person kitty kisses.

Ian (now Vinny) - One of our shelter's volunteer assistants adopted Vinny.  Vinny was shy initially, but now he enjoys playing fetch and leaving his toy mouse in the middle of his new person's bed.

Peri (now Esther) - Esther is adjusting to her new home.  She shares her home with a 10-month-old male cat, and they act as if they've always been great playmates.

Bobby - Bobby (shown above) has three roommates, and he is talkative, happy, and curious in his new home.

Xander (now Max) - Max lives with an older male cat, and he enjoys playing chase with him.  Max also likes being held.

Merlin and Saki (now Worf and Bashir) - Worf and Bashir are content in their new home and like to spend time near one another.  Bashir likes hanging out on the cat tower, and Worf likes chasing the laser pointer.

Hercules - Hercules, a 20+ pound lynx-point Siamese, loves affection, being cuddled, and napping.  He loves everyone and is a great lap kitty.

I am so happy these wonderful cats have found loving forever homes!  I hope you enjoyed hearing their updates.

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This post is written by Sierra M. Koester, Professional Blogger and Cat Care Society Volunteer, with stories provided by Karlyn Mendez, Cat Care Shelter Assistant.  

January's Happy Tails

Thursday, March 12, 2015

We have some wonderful adoption updates to share with you!  I hope you enjoy reading about the Cat Care alumni.

Ginger: Ginger found a home with one of Cat Care's employees!  Ginger likes to have conversations with her new human.  Ginger is a curious cat and really enjoys her laser light and scratching posts.

Kera (now Keira): Keira enjoys cat naps and playing with bell balls.  She lives in a home with another Cat Care adoptee, and they are both doing well.

Lucy: A senior lady fell in love with Lucy while visiting Cat Care, and Lucy is bring a lot of joy to her life!

Spirit: Spirit enjoys her cat tree and loves to be the center of attention.  She lives with - and is adjusting to - a 13-year-old dog.

Simon (now Sinatra): Sinatra is friendly with everyone, and gets along well with the 4-year-old Bermese mountain dog he lives with. 

Jasper: Sweet Jasper loves attention and being cuddled.  He enjoys feasting and relaxing on the cat tower in his new home.

Tsunami: Tsunami enjoys playing with his toys and being held by his new human.  

This post is written by Sierra M. Koester, Cat Care Society Volunteer and Professional Blogger.  Thank you to Karlyn Mendez for collecting these adoption stories!

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