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September Feasting for Felines at Jose O'Shea's

Monday, September 19, 2016

Four years ago, Director of Outreach, Suellen Scott, was inspired by other nonprofit organizations. These charities were hosting events at local restaurants to help fundraise while connecting with their donors and supporters. 

Since 2012, our cage-free shelter's Feasting for Feline events has raised thousands of dollars to care for the cats in our custody. From food to medical treatments, Feasting for Felines is just another way CCS boosters can help our shelter continue to serve the Denver cat community. 

Join us this Wednesday, September 21 from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. at Jose O'Shea's in Lakewood, Colorado. Please be sure to bring this flyer with you to ensure 20% of your bill at Jose O'Shea's is donated to Cat Care Society. Feasting for Felines is a great opportunity to catch up with some of your favorite cat people while helping support our shelter. See you on Wednesday! 

Improvements Continue in The Cat Clinic

Friday, August 26, 2016

We are rapidly growing and expanding our all Cat Clinic to better serve you and your feline family.

Welcome Barbara Goodrich, DVM!

Our veterinary care staff continues to grow! We are pleased to add a second veterinarian, Barbara Goodrich, to the Cat Clinic team.  Previously owning her own feline practice, Dr. Goodrich brings a wealth of veterinary knowledge and expertise to CCS.  

With a combined 20-plus years veterinary care experience, the Cat Clinic team offers exceptional care to our shelter cats as well as our clinic patients.

Enjoy Our Expanded Services

To provide the highest quality care for your feline family, we have expanded our veterinary services to include extended hours, in-house bloodwork, urine culture testing, ultrasound testing and Royal Canin prescription food. In addition, we now offer additional surgery options and dental procedures using our digital dental X-ray unit.

With the addition of our second veterinarian, we are now expanding clinic hours to include Saturday, starting with 8:00am - 12:00pm, increasing to 8:00am - 5:00pm, beginning September 10th. In addition, starting September 13th, we are extending clinic hours further to include Tuesday-Friday from 7:00am - 6:00pm. Our goal is to better serve you, our loyal and valued clients!

All of these important upgrades mean less outsourcing; more savings we can pass on to you; faster turnaround on imaging and tests; and most important, the highest quality veterinary care for your cat!

September Dental Special

September is Dental Health month at the Cat Clinic! We are offering discounted dental procedures for a flat rate of $350 (for cats 7 years and under) and $425 (for cats 8 years and over). The cost includes exam, bloodwork, scale/polish, unlimited extractions, anesthesia and medication(s).

Dental care is critical to the health of your cat and proper dental care can prevent the onset of many health issues.

Clinic Makeover - Cat House Gallery

The Cat Clinic makeover is complete! We have repainted the Cat Clinic with calming colors, updated our waiting room furnishings and added new artwork. The final step was the completion of our mural which is displayed in the clinic waiting room. We want every customer and patient that enters the clinic to experience its warm and inviting atmosphere from a fear-free vantage point.

The artwork on display is part of the Cat House Gallery which hosts rotating artwork for sale in the Cat Clinic waiting area. Art shows will alternate every few months and include various themes. Best of all, 40% of the art sales directly benefit the cats at CCS and to date we have sold 24 paintings. Our new show, Walk on the Wild Side has already begun, so please stop by to purchase your own exotic wild cat art!

We're Not Done Yet!

We have accomplished so many of our important goals for the Cat Clinic and we're not done yet! We still have plans to upgrade our standard X-ray machine and purchase an in-house ultrasound unit in 2016.  We are planning a mix of fundraising and grant writing activities to help us fund these enhancements, ensuring that the CCS operating budget will be minimally taxed.

Thanks for your continued support, the future of the Cat Clinic at Cat Care Society looks bright and we look forward to serving you and your feline family for all of your veterinary care needs!

The Reality of FIV

Thursday, August 04, 2016

FIV:  it sounds scary, but what exactly is FIV?  FIV stands for feline immunodeficiency virus, and it is a retrovirus (similar to HIV).  That means it uses the RNA in cells to reproduce.  It is also known as a lentivirus, which means it is a slow virus, that can take months or years to incubate, and is capable of lying dormant in the body before causing any symptoms.

What does FIV do? FIV causes an immunodeficiency in the cat’s body, meaning that the body is not able to create a normal immune response.  Most cats infected with FIV have a normal life expectancy, and do not show symptoms of the disease.  However they are prone to developing infections and certain types of cancer due to their weakened immune system.  Some cats can fight off the infection after they are exposed and become immune, some may become carriers who never get sick themselves, but most commonly they become infected and develop a compromised immune system.

How do cats get FIV? One place the virus lives is in the salivary glands of an infected cat.  FIV is transmitted cat to cat, usually through deep bite wounds, where viral cells can pass from the infected cat’s mouth into the uninfected cat’s blood stream.  There are less common ways of passing the infection on, occasionally it can be passed from mother to kitten in utero, during the birthing process, or when kittens are nursing.  Because of the way it is transmitted, cats infected with FIV can live normal lives in homes with cats who do not have FIV.  

It is extremely unlikely (and may even be impossible, if they are properly introduced) for a cat to contract FIV from being around infected cats, from grooming infected cats, from sharing food bowls, playing with another cat, sharing a litter box, or from secondary contact with a person who has touched an FIV positive cat.  

How is a cat diagnosed with FIV? There is no way to tell that a cat has FIV just from looking at them.  FIV is diagnosed by way of a blood test, which tests for antibodies in the blood stream.  Most veterinary clinics use an in-house test, which is good, but can give false positives on occasion, so if a cat does test positive for FIV, a secondary test is always sent out to a lab to confirm the diagnosis.  Also, kittens can test positive for FIV just from their mother’s antibodies, which may remain in their system for up to 6 months.  This is why a kitten who tests positive for FIV is not considered positive until they are retested once they are over 6 months old.  Another thing to remember is that if you test a cat for FIV who has been outdoors, they may test negative, but still have FIV.  The test is checking for antibodies in the blood stream, and the antibodies may not show up for several months.

What symptoms will a cat with FIV have?   It depends; some cats will show no symptoms, others may show signs, and others may have periods of appearing healthy interspersed with being ill.  Some of the symptoms may include enlarged lymph nodes, recurrent fever, weight loss, poor coat condition, inflammation of the gums, recurrent infections of the skin, bladder and upper respiratory tract, diarrhea, and behavioral changes.  They are also more prone to get other infections, such as ringworm.  Since all cats react differently, there is no way to tell what signs will appear in an individual cat.

How can FIV be prevented?   The only way to prevent a cat from getting FIV is to keep them from being exposed.  Keeping cats indoors is the best measure of prevention.  An FIV positive cat can live with an FIV negative cat, as long as they do not fight.  There is a vaccine for FIV, but it is not recommended for cats because not only does it have poor efficacy, but any cat who receives the vaccine will test positive for FIV.  Although cats who have FIV live normal lifespans, a cat who is vaccinated and happens to escape their house may well be euthanized at a shelter because they test positive for FIV.

How should a cat who is diagnosed with FIV be cared for?   Cats who are FIV positive can live full and healthy lives, with our help.  They should be kept indoors, so they don’t risk infecting other cats, and to limit their exposure to outside infections.  They should also be spayed or neutered, so they can’t pass the infection to other cats by breeding.  They should eat nutritionally balanced diets, with no raw meat or eggs, or unpasteurized dairy products.  This is because they are at higher risk for food-borne bacterial and parasitic infections from such items.  They should have wellness visits with a veterinarian at least once a year, preferably every 6 months, so that any infection or illness that starts can be caught and treated early, before it overwhelms their immune system.  Be vigilant and notice any changes in an FIV cat’s behavior or attitude, so that any changes that could be a sign of illness are caught and recognized early.

What is the most important thing to know about FIV positive cats?   Know that FIV positive cats are wonderful, playful, social, and loving animals, who deserve the same chance at life and happiness as all other cats.  Having FIV is not the end of a cat's life, it’s just a change.  They can live full lives, chase sparkly balls, eat catnip, and curl up in your arms, because having FIV doesn’t make them less, it only makes us less, when we don’t give them a chance.

Feasting For Felines: Thank You, 2015 Partner Restaurants!

Monday, December 28, 2015
As we end 2015...one of the most successful fundraising years in the history of Cat Care Society...we want to take time to thank those partner restaurants that sponsored Feasting For Felines events:  

January 2015: Stella Trattoria

February 2015: La Dolce Vita

March 2015: California Pizza Kitchen

April 2015: Mellow Mushroom

May 2015: 730 South

June 2015: ModMarket

July 2015: Native Foods Cafe

August 2015: Jose O'Shea's

September 2015: Piatti Ristorante

November 2015: Beau Jo's

Our appreciation to these restaurants for sponsoring Feasting For Felines in 2015.

Link to our Feasting For Felines Facebook Album.

Santa Paws Festival is Saturday and Sunday, December 5 and 6, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Saturday, November 28, 2015
Santa Paws Festival is moving to Saturday and Sunday this year.... December 5 & 6, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day at the Cat Care Society shelter, 5787 W. Sixth Avenue in Lakewood.

Here's the rundown of Santa Paws Festival fun:

FREE! Photos with the Jolly Old Elf Himself, Santa Paws (Adoption Assistant Dave)! With the permission of those being photographed, photos will be posted online in a Cat Care Society Facebook album for downloading and/or tagging to your own Facebook page.

FREE! Refreshments, including cookies, other holiday treats and our famous Cat House Punch (a secret mixture of ginger ale, Hawaiian punch and such...it's simply irresistible and helps you to stay hydrated for the festival!).

FREE! Cat Petting, neck rubbing, tummy patting and head butting. The shelter cats love all the attention during the Santa Paws Festival excitement.

BAKE SALE! Don't miss the awesome annual Santa Paws Festival Bake Sale created by the dedicated CCS volunteers... favorites include fudge, nuts (including yummy Chex Mix blends and more), holiday cookies, pies, cakes and cupcakes. The volunteer "elves" have been baking for months now. 

RAFFLE! Tickets will be $10 each this year, up from $5 the past two years, in an effort to raise more money for the cats. Each prize has a bag by it and you put your ticket in the bag of the prize you want to win. You can buy multiple tickets. Drawing is at the end of the day on Sunday -- winners need not be present. Link to look over the prizes.

SHOPPING! Meow Mart store, new stuff for your cats, including:

Cat Mats by Kathy, Cat Beds by Marlene, Lavender Cats by Linda, Knit Mice by Amy, and Wool Loops by Anonymous -- all made in Colorado.

From the Field cat toys, Go Cat, Hot Sox, Yeowwww Bananas, Beastie Band collars by Twin Cat, and Cat Dancer toys, all USA made.

Card board scratchers, litter mats and cat nip toys by Imperial Cat made in the USA. Neko Flies pole toys, Pioneer Pet ceramic & stainless steel fountains, Naturals Miracle high sided litter box, (NOTE: Neko Flies will be demo'd in the Meow Mart by a CCS volunteer)

MORE SHOPPING! Santa Paws Festival Bazaar -- gently used stuff. Lots of Christmasy Cat things and more: This year there's an extensive collection of Lilliput Lane Village collectibles. These are cute little English cottages and such.

The Festival will also have a nice selection of framed cat wall art.

Plus, there will be bookstand books (and more books). The back office at the shelter is being turned into a "Book Nook."

DEBUTING! The Christmas Ornament Donation Drive. Check out all the ornaments crafted by the CCS volunteers.

Link to learn more about the Ornament Drive.

Sponsor Ornaments Online.

Santa Paws Festival...spreading the word:

Link to the Lakewood Pet Examiner Posting 

Link to the Denver Post YourHub Posting

Link to the Lakewood Sentinel Posting

Purr Prints of the Heart Fundraiser to Help the Cat Care Society Kitties

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Photo courtesy of Deborah Barnes.

Purr Prints of the Heart is a heartwarming and beautiful story told from Mr. Jazz's perspective (with a little typing help from his human, Deborah Barnes).  He chronicles his life from the time he was a kitten through adulthood to his afterlife at the Rainbow Bridge.  Cat lovers everywhere will be able to relate to the memories Mr. Jazz shares.  
This book touched me deeply.  When I read the prologue and discovered that Mr. Jazz had passed away exactly one year before my beloved Jewel (who passed away August 28, 2014), I immediately felt a connection with Mr. Jazz and Deb.  Little did I know then how much impact this book would have on my life and my grieving process. 

Mr. Jazz's passing made me cry quite a bit, and it may make you cry, too.  But please don't let that stop you from reading this amazing book!  The tears I cried were healing.  Mr. Jazz's story brought me so much comfort and peace.  After I finished the book, I felt I had more closure on Jewel's passing, and I felt a great deal of peace knowing that she is in a beautiful place now.  

Jewel was a gorgeous, loyal, and loving cat.  I miss her every day.

Deb has graciously offered to donate 10% of all Purr Prints of the Heart book sales for the month of August to Cat Care Society in honor of Jewel and Mr. Jazz! 

Please help the kitties at Cat Care by purchasing a copy of Deb's book.  It is an amazing book any cat lover will enjoy.  I believe it is especially helpful for cat parents who have had to (or will have to) say good-bye to a beloved companion.  

You can purchase the print or Kindle editions of Purr Prints of the Heart on Amazon.  You can also order the book directly through Deb.  When you order a book directly through Deb, she will autograph it, tissue paper wrap it, and send you a beautiful keepsake bookmark.  You can order a copy of the book directly through Deb by emailing her at: info@zzppublishing.com.  

We will be holding a book discussion group for Purr Prints of the Heart on September 26th at Cat Care Society in the lower level classroom.  

You can find Deborah Barnes by visiting her website, blog, Zazzle store, Zee & Zoey's Facebook page, and the Purr Prints of the Heart Facebook page.  

Author Bio: Deborah Barnes resides in the tropical paradise of South Florida with her fiancé and feline family of seven.  She is the author of the 5-star rated books, The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey - A Journey of the Extraordinarily Ordinary and Purr Prints of the Heart - A Cat's Tale of Life, Death, and Beyondas well as the award winning blog Zee & Zoey's Cat Chronicles that continues to cover the everyday journey she shares with her cats along with topics from the humorous behaviors of cats to very serious subjects on pet responsibility.  Deborah was awarded 2013, "Writer of the Year" by Friskies Purina on behalf of the Cat Writers' Association and she is also the Secretary of the nonprofit,Pawsitively Humane, Inc. of Miami, Florida, whose mission is to create public awareness and reduce the numbers of animals on the streets and in shelters through an extensive educational campaign. 

This post is written by Sierra M. Koester, Professional Blogger and Cat Care Society Volunteer. 

New: Buy Bissell Products and Help CCS Shelter Cats and Community Outreach Projects

Tuesday, August 04, 2015
Cat Care Society is proud to be a Partner for Pets! BISSELL and LostPetUSA.net have teamed up to help organizations like ours raise money, and now you can help too!

When you purchase pet products on bissell.com and enter the code ADOPT at checkout, a portion of your purchase will be donated to our organization!

It’s simple.

· Shop pet products on www.bissell.com 

· Enter the code ADOPT at checkout 

· Then select our organization!

Learn more at www.bissell.com/partnersforpets.

A Fundraiser to Help Cover Jarrett's Medical Bills

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Jarrett came to Cat Care Society when a Good Samaritan found him wandering around in their yard.  When Jarrett came to the shelter, his body was covered with scratches and bite wounds.  More concerning, however, was that Jarrett was limping.  An x-ray revealed that he had a non-displaced fracture of the metacarpal bone in his front left leg.  

Jarrett has been in a cast on cage rest and will need to continue with this treatment for four weeks in order for his leg to heal properly.  Once his leg is fully healed, he will be available for adoption.  Jarrett is a trusting cat who would like to find a loving forever home to call his own.

You can help Jarrett by donating through the Animal Rescue Site to cover his health expenses.  Please go HERE to make a donation.  

This post is written by Sierra M. Koester, Professional Blogger and Cat Care Society Volunteer. 

King Soopers Shopping For Cats: What's In Your Wallet?

Sunday, July 20, 2014
This past month, use of the King Soopers/Cat Care Society reloadable gift cards has resulted in a$586 payment to Cat Care Society.

Since starting the program in June of 2011, Cat Care Society supporters using the CCS King Soopers gift cards have raised $18,620to support the Cat Care Society cats and its community outreach programs.

If you need a card, they're available at the Cat Care Society shelter front desk for $25. Then as you shop and spend the funds down, you can reload the card again (any amount...as much as you'll need for shopping) at your own King Soopers store.

Many thanks to all who are participating in the program and helping the Cat Care Society cats!

AmazonSmile Program: You shop. Amazon gives...to Cat Care Society

Sunday, July 20, 2014
Cat Care Society is now participating in the AmazonSmile program.

Simply, "The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases. The purchase price is the amount paid for the item minus any rebates and excluding shipping & handling, gift-wrapping fees, taxes, or service charges. From time to time, we may offer special, limited time promotions that increase the donation amount on one or more products or services or provide for additional donations to charitable organizations. Special terms and restrictions may apply. Please see the relevant promotion for complete details."

To get started, go to http://smile.amazon.com and make sure your Amazon account is linked to Cat Care Society. Then make sure you always start your subsequent shopping trips at http://smile.amazon.com. It's that easy.

Thank you (and AmazonSmile) for helping support Cat Care Society!

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