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Cats & Co: 'ADOPT-A-CAT: KRISTA' at Cat Care Society

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Quoting from the posting: "As many of you may already know, June is Adopt-A-Cat-Month. This means that the entire month is about adopting cats. This gave me a chance to contact shelters in Canada, the UK, the US, Holland and even Belgium. I wanted to put cats in the spotlights. Cats that have been in the shelter for too long, or were just in desperate need of a new, loving home.

Meet Krista, a cat from Cat Care Society. She came to Cat Care Society in October 2001 when she was only 3,5 weeks old. She was adopted in December 2001. But she changed owners somewhere in 2006. Krista had no issues until the boyfriend of the owner started brining his dog over. She started doing her business outside the litter-box when the dog was there. She was terrified of that dog and was brought back to the Cat Care Society in 2006, she has been there for 7 years already(!)."
Link to Cats & Co 

June Adoption Special for Adopt A Shelter Cat Month

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Boots, Boyd, Coltrane, Gracie, Isaac, Murtaugh, PJ, Precious, Saturn, Twinkie, Wakko and Zora — twelve of the cutest adult kitties on the planet — are excited to share that Cat Care Society is celebrating ‘Adopt A Shelter Cat Month’ with special reduced fees for all CCS adult cats (six months through nine years) . . . all month long.

$45 per adult cat 

$75 per pair of adult cats 
(note: Coltrane is paired with Crash; Gracie with Isaac and Zora with Chloe)

Opt to Adopt in June! 

Link to Cat Care Society's Adoptable Cats

Cat Care Society Partners with LoveAnimals.org to raise funds to help Shelter Kitty Wakko

Tuesday, May 06, 2014
Help Us Help Wakko!

You may know Wakko - Cat Care Society's darling teenage kitty in need of medical tests to better diagnose what we believe to be a birth defect. This defect is in his nasal passage, and it prevents him from breathing easily.

Initial estimates for just the diagnostics, not treatment, have been around $3,500. Again, that's just for tests and diagnosis. Treatment, if reasonable treatment is available, will cost additional funds, and we cannot estimate those until we fully understand what we're dealing with.

CCS has partnered with LoveAnimals.org to help us raise funds to cover the cost of Wakko's diagnostic tests. 100% of your gift will go to Wakko's diagnostic test costs - LoveAnimals.org does not keep a percentage of your donation.

And the best news - the board of directors has designated up to $1,000 to be used as a matching gift. All gifts will be matched by the board (up to the $1,000 value of the matching gift fund).
Link to make a donation at LoveAnimals.org 
Link to Wakko's Adoption Profile


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