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What Food Makes My Cat Have Diarrhea?

Friday, October 07, 2016

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Cats are highly sensitive creatures and this is true when it comes to their digestive tract. Have you ever seen your kitty suffer from bouts of diarrhea? Then, you would surely realize how miserable a pet owner could feel when her baby is suffering from such a dreadful condition.

There are many possible causes of diarrhea in cats. However, the most common are the food that you are providing to your pet. You may have fed the feline with something that did not sit well with its digestive tract leading to an unwanted reaction.

If this is the case, you may want to know what these foods are so you can avoid feeding it to your cats in the future. Here are some of the products that you should avoid giving your kitty so that it won’t be prone to diarrhea.

Low-Quality Cat Food

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This is one of the most common causes of diarrhea in cats. In fact, there are many pet owners who regret going for a cheaper option because their felines suffered a lot after being fed with low-quality food.

Stick to the kind of food that will meet all the nutritional demands of your cat especially the protein content. Another smart thing to do will be to go over the ingredients of the product that you are planning to buy. If you notice that there are too many fillers in it, it may not be the best choice for your cat.

It’s quite easy to know if the food is the cause of diarrhea. Next time, when you put food in your automatic pet feeder, you should take note of what food you placed there. After that, try to change the kind of food you are giving to your feline and see if it doesn’t suffer from diarrhea anymore.

There are some human foods that cats are cannot handle and one of this is milk. Most cats are lactose intolerant. This means that they do not have the necessary enzyme to process milk. If this is the case, they would suffer from stomach complaints and diarrhea when they consume milk and milk-based products. The extent of how lactose intolerant cats could be to dairy could vary. Cheese, ice cream, and other milk derivatives may be given to your kitty but only in small amounts.

Some people who know that cats need protein think that milk is good for cats but this is not true. Milk can cause an upset stomach. However, just like any rule, there are certain exceptions.

When your kitty is complaining of having an upset stomach, you may want to give your pet some low-fat plain yogurt to help the digestive tract settle down. If you already know that your kitty is not in its best health, don’t offer a bowl of milk since it can worsen the condition.

Allergic Reactions to Food

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Cats are just like humans in the sense that they could develop food allergies later in life. This means that there are certain food products that do not sit well with their digestion. If they commit the mistake of consuming any of those prohibited food items, they suffer from dire consequences such as diarrhea.

In cats, the most common food allergens are grains. This includes but is not limited to soy, wheat, and corn. You may be wondering why these lists of products seem harmless and are even in some popular cat food brands.

In fact, there is a prescription diet for some cats that have food sensitivities. There are also cat foods that are grain free which is ideal for cats that suffer from diarrhea when they consume grains.

If you are feeding your cat not only the food from the automatic pet feeder, you should think about putting your feline on an elimination diet. This is necessary to know its food allergies. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you consult your veterinarian first before doing any kind of diet.

Spoiled Food/ Garbage

When your cat has access to clean water from the cat water fountain and good food from its feeder, you may be wondering why it is suffering from diarrhea. In this case, the culprit could be your cat’s curiosity. These animals seem to think that everything is a treat which includes garbage and spoiled food. As much as possible, clear away any garbage that your cat could accidentally munch on. There are also human foods that cats can be extremely allergic to. If you have leftovers lying around, your kitty can try to see how it tastes like and end up having a stomach ache.


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There are many other food products that can trigger diarrhea in cats. Since it’s hard to list all possible allergens, it is up to you to make sure that all food products harmful to kitty are out of the way.

Guest blog posts are written by Diana Hutchinson, the founder of  Tinpaw.com. She has more than ten years of experience in nurturing and caring cats. "A home without a cat is just a house"

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