Cat Care Society

Cat Care Society operates a limited admission cage-free shelter for homeless and abused cats while providing community outreach programs to enrich the lives of people and cats.

Cat Care Society is 100% funded by private donations, from people just like you.


Cat Care Society
5787 W. 6th Ave.
Lakewood, CO 80214
(303) 239-9680

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cat Care Society a no-kill shelter?
In the true sense of the phrase, no. Cat Care Society is a limited-admission shelter, but we do not euthanize for space purposes. We limit the number of cats in our care so that we limit the amount of stress the cats are under and so each cat gets the individualized care it needs. We do euthanize for medical or psychological reasons (i.e. Leukemia or FIV-positive cats, incurable illness and dangerous aggression).

Is euthanasia allowed if a cat is terminally ill and suffering?
Yes. We do not believe in needless suffering.

I need to find a new home for my cat, will you take it?
Cat Care Society takes in abandoned, abused and injured cats without an owner. We also take in cats previously adopted from Cat Care Society. We can provide owners with information on how to find a home for their cat or refer them to a shelter in the Metro Denver Shelter Alliance where the cat will have a good chance of finding a new home.

If I adopted a cat from Cat Care Society and I am no longer able to care for the cat, can I return the cat to Cat Care Society?
Yes, Cat Care Society will always accept surrenders that came from Cat Care Society.

Do you ever house cats on a permanent basis because owners have died or had to move into nursing homes?
We prefer to have the option of adopting any cat in our care. It is our feeling that once a cat has been in a loving home, a shelter environment is much too stressful for it. We feel that there is just the right home waiting for each and every cat.

What is the housing like?
We are a cage-less shelter and have 6 cat rooms. Each cat room houses no more than 8 cats. In addition, we have cats that are allowed to run free in the shelter during the day and are “put to bed” in offices or the laundry room in the evening. We have set a limit of 45 adult cats in the shelter.

Are the cats tested before being exposed to each other?
Our regular incoming procedure with every cat is to test for feline leukemia and FIV, run stool samples, vaccinate for distemper and upper respiratory viruses, spay/neuter when needed, and provide a collar, I.D. tag and a microchip. Incoming cats are then introduced to the shelter at their pace.

Do you provide full service veterinary care?
Yes. We have a fulltime veterinarian on staff and a cat only veterinary clinic on-site to provide any and all medical care necessary.

How old is your organization?
We were incorporated in the State of Colorado in 1981.

How are you funded?
Approximately 75% of our funding is through individual contributions. The remaining portion is predominately through fund-raising events with a small portion funded through grants.

Can you take donations of cat food? Even if the package is opened?
We will accept donations of dry cat food even if the bag has been opened.  We also need donations of canned cat food, but not opened cans of food. See more on Our Wish List.

What are the benefits of a microchip? Will it hurt my cat?
A microchip is a secondary form of protection in case your cat gets lost.  The microchip is the size of a long grain of rice.  Insertion is just like a vaccination and will not hurt the cat.

Is it better to let a cat outside?
It is safest if your cat remains indoors.  There are lots of things you can provide an indoor cat to help it remain active – carpeted condos to climb, window shelves and interactive toys to play with.  If you want your cat to get fresh air, we recommend a safe outdoor enclosure, a screened in back porch or teach your cat to walk on a leash. For more, see Inside versus Outside.

Where can I get cheap Spay/Neuter?
The reason that some clinics can charge less for spay and neuter services is that they are subsidized by either grants or private donations. Check out our list of Low-cost Spay, Neuter and Vaccination Options.

Do I need to make an appointment to give you my cat?
Yes, you must call us before bringing in a cat.  We are a limited admission shelter and can only accept cats when we have room.  Cat Care Society only accepts abandoned, abused or injured cats without an owner.  We can provide owners with information on how to find a home for their cat or refer them to a shelter in the Metro Denver Shelter Alliance where the cat will have a good chance of finding a new home.  

Is it better to get a kitten or an adult?
The choice of a kitten or adult depends on your household and resident pets. We normally recommend matching energy levels. So, if you have an older cat, you would want to get a cat with a low energy level. An older cat usually does not do well with one kitten because the kitten will pester the older one to play and stress the older cat to where it may begin to hide or have behavioral problems. If you really want a kitten, we recommend having 2 kittens that can play with each other making it a much more enjoyable situation. If you are looking for an “easy” pet or an only pet, a kitten is not recommended as they require lots of time and attention and they can become bored and destructive if left alone for long periods of time. We also do not recommend getting a kitten under 6 months of age if you have children under 6 years of age.

Do you have kittens?
We normally have kittens between June and December.  Cats are seasonal breeders in Colorado and do not have kittens during the winter.  Since kittens are adopted so quickly, we do not put them on our website so please call and ask about our availability of kittens.

What are your requirements for adoption?
You must be 21 years of age, live in a residence where you are allowed pets, agree to keep the cat indoors, and will provide the cat a loving and caring home for the remainder of its life. Please bring a valid photo ID, something that shows your current name and address and all children under 15 years of age. For more information, see our Adoption Standards.

How old do you have to be to adopt from Cat Care Society?
You must be 21 years of age.

I have young children. Can I adopt a kitten?
If you have a child under 6 years of age, we will recommend you adopt a cat 6 months or older.  This is for the safety of the child and the kitten.  We will want to see how the child interacts with the kittens to make the determination.

I am a Senior Citizen. Can I adopt a kitten?
We want to see all of our kittens go into lifelong homes.  Cats can live 15-20 years and that should be part of your consideration in adopting a kitten.  Also consider whether you have family members who would be willing to give the kitten a home should something happen to you.  Kittens are EXTREMELY active and have a way of finding creative ways to get into trouble. If you have your heart set on a kitten, we would strongly recommend you adopt 2 kittens. For those who have mobility issues, we strongly recommend adult cats. 

Are older cats more expensive to maintain?
As cats age, they can develop age related medical issues, just like people and some can be costly.  This doesn’t mean that every older cat will need extensive medical care.  Veterinary care is a part of pet ownership and the cat’s health care should be maintained throughout its life, not just when it gets sick.  Of course, the cost of veterinary care should always be considered before adoption.

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