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2013 Tails of the Painted Cats



Title: Gray-dient
Artist: Timothea Biermann

Sponsored by: Karla Smith

Timothea Biermann is originally from Dayton, Ohio. She studied extensively at numerous renowned art schools including the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Parsons School of Design, Anderson Ranch Art Center and Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. She has a BFA in ceramics from Maine College of Art and an MA in painting from Savannah College of Art and Design. Timothea currently teaches at Slavens K-8 School in Denver. She has traveled in Mexico, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany and France to expand and enrich her educational curriculum and personal artistic stimulation.

Timothea's gray kitties influenced her design. “Gray-Dient utilizes the artistic technique of color or value slowly fading or transforming in an atmospheric manner. This symbolizes the ever changing personalities of the fickle, sneaky, slinky, soothing, purring, cuddling, caring, caterwauling, hissing and bickering kitties who live in my home.”

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Broadway Betty

Title:Broadway Betty
Artist: Ella Buchholz

Sponsored by: Steve and Maggie Holben

Ella’s philosophy of ‘play, laugh and create without limits’ is beautifully expressed through her interpretation of Broadway Betty.

In creating Broadway Betty, Ella used paint, metallics, and clear glass overlays, as well as carefully placed patterns of opaque glass and jewelry. Finally, grout was applied as a unifying element and the piece was lovingly buffed to a theatrical shine.

Ella has been creating unconventional fine art paintings, as well as mosaic art and installations, for Colorado homes and businesses throughout the past 20 years. Kaiser Permanente currently displays three of Ella’s mosaic musical instruments in their public art collection. For several years, Ella has participated in Loveland Colorado’s prestigious Sculpture in the Park show, both as an artist and as a juror.

To view more pictures or to place a bid, please click here.


Cheshire Cat

Title:Cheshire Cat
Artist: Liz Cooper

Sponsored by: Harold and Christina Taylor

Liz Cooper received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in drawing and painting from the University of Colorado in Boulder. She has worked in many media including watercolor and oil painting, as well as clay and fiber arts. She has exhibited her paintings in several juried shows in Colorado, including the Colorado Watercolor Society exhibit, and the Greenwood Village Colorado All Colorado art exhibit.

Cheshire Cat was inspired by Tenniel’s illustrations for Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, especially the idea of the sly and grinning Cheshire cat. This is artist Liz Cooper’s second year with the project; her 2011 entry was titled “C is for Cat”.

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The Weather Cat

Title:The Weather Cat
Artist: Jane McFadden Dorsey (Signed by CBS4 Weather and News Anchor Ed Greene)

Sponsored by: Clete Nolde, CCS Volunteer

Jane is a self-taught professional artist who is skilled in abstract acrylic painting, mixed media collage and paper mache pulp sculpture. She is a member of the Lakewood Arts Council Art Center Gallery. She has been a part time Volunteer Coordinator for Cat Care Society for 18 years and serves as the Art Coordinator for the Tails of the Painted Cats project.

The Weather Cat was inspired by CBS4 Weather and News Anchor Ed Greene who emceed the Painted Cats gala in 2012. He signed a blank cat and the design was created around the signature. The design attempts to show the weather conditions we have at any given time during the year but keeps the focus on the bright sun and the famous Colorado blue sky.

To view more pictures or to place a bid, please click here.


Vincent Van Cat

Title: Vincent Van Cat
Artist: Jane McFadden Dorsey – the 2013 'Drawing Kitty'
not auctioned/$10 per entry – pictured below

Sponsored by: Corporal Reggie Waddle

Vincent Van Cat is the 2013 drawing cat.

“This cat was obviously inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s style and techniques of painting. His work has always touched my heart. I have always appreciated the fact that he veered away from convention and painted how he felt about what he saw. The colors he used are still fresh and clear to this day, filled with the warmth of the sun. If there was joy in his life, it surely came from the physical act of painting.”


Japanese Tea Kitty

Title:Japanese Tea Kitty
Artist: Kelly D. Finn

Sponsored by: Kay Higgins & Dr. Jodie Moreland

Kelly D. Finn is excited to be a part of Tails of the Painted Cats. She is a local artist with experience in painting, sculpting and theatre arts. She has exhibited from New York to San Francisco and many spots in-between. Her current works can be seen at her website. She hopes this cat brings lots of smiles.

Japanese Tea Kitty was inspired by the beauty of tea gardens and the grace of Siamese cats. The posture of the sculpture works perfectly to enhance the elegance of this kitty.

To view more pictures or to place a bid, please click here.


Cat Ballou

Title: Cat Ballou
Artist: Laurie Hansen"

Sponsored by: Mary Ann Schultz, CCS Supporter

Artist Laurie Hansen was born and raised in northern Colorado and studied fine art at Colorado Women’s College in Denver and Commercial Art Continuing Studies at CU Boulder. Laurie has painted murals and other commissioned art work throughout the northern Denver metro area for the past 20 years. She specializes in watercolor pet portraits in addition to murals. Her many commissions include work at the Adams County Justice Center, Thornton Elementary School, the Paul Derda Recreation Center and the Fort Lupton Recreation Center. Laurie also shares her expertise with Shepard of Love Fellowship in Broomfield where she assists in set/backdrop design for their annual theatrical productions.

Cat Ballou was inspired by the 1965 comedy western of the same name starring Jane Fonda and Lee Marvin. This kitty cowboy features leather boots, spurs, wooly chaps and a real cowboy hat.

To view more pictures or to place a bid, please click here.


Six Lives

Title:Six Lives
Artist:Mallory Hart

Sponsored by: Mark P.

Mallory is a recent graduate of Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design with a BFA in illustration. She has considerable experience as a commissioned artist doing things such as pet portraits and more.  She is also a technical director, in charge of set designing, painting, etc. for Wheat Ridge High School’s plays and musicals. Mallory has been employed as a Student Ambassador at RMCAD since 2011 helping new students become involved in the school art community and was on the Dean’s List from 2010 through her graduation. She has participated in many shows, and had a solo show at The Shoppe in February 2012.

Six Lives is accomplished by incorporating a vast hexagon pattern in various shades of blue. “Hexagons represent cohesiveness because of how they interlock with one another so beautifully. When they are made uneven and askew, it is very representative of a cat”.

To view more pictures or to place a bid, please click here.


Sebastian the Steampunk Messenger Cat

Title: Sebastian the Steampunk Messenger Cat
Artist:Laura Ingram

Sponsored by: Marsha Crest, CCS Volunteer

Laura Ingram has worked in multiple media including pieces in polymer clay, acrylic paint and ink. Her artistic interests range from photography, needlework, and photo-realistic cross stitch to altered art and artist trading cards. Laura is currently involved in steampunk projects and art journals. The fact that cats often appear as the main focus in her work is no surprise, as she is owned by three cats at home.

Laura’s cat was inspired by her interest in all things Steampunk, a genre that originated in the 1980s and incorporates elements of science fiction, fantasy, alternate history and speculative fiction. It often brings to mind Victorian era British technology when steam power was widely used.

To view more pictures or to place a bid, please click here.


Barn Cat

Title: Barn Cat
Artist:Betsy Keyser

Sponsored by: Kyle Herbertson, CCS Volunteer

Betsy Keyser has been a Lakewood resident for 28 years, but started life’s journey in Alabama. She received a Bachelor’s Degree for Art Education from the University of Mobile in 1979. Raising a family put her art interests in the back seat for a time but she always enjoyed creative outlets such as costume design, quilting, photography and crafts. She is now back to painting and favors acrylics to paint animals, fantasy and quirky still life. She also pursues black and white photography and is interested in incorporating photos into her paintings.

“The Barn Cat was inspired by the beloved although often unnamed partner of barns everywhere. This ultimate supervisor of all barn activities, whether hunting mice or snakes, will always offer a friendly meow at feeding time”.

To view more pictures or to place a bid, please click here.



Title: Tiffany
Artist:Wendy M. Luck

Sponsored by: Clyde and Barbara Dawson

Wendy is an artist who developed her passion for art over the years through a variety of art classes and media, from pastels to clay to colored pencil but she is mostly self taught. Wendy is also an amateur paleontologist who has exhibited her dinosaur drawings at the Western Interior Paleontological Society symposium art shows. She has lived in Colorado since 1979 and is constantly inspired by the beauty, color and life around us from the yellow aspen to bald eagles to majestic elk to the littlest prairie dog and Colorado’s blue skies. She enjoys the company of her family which includes two dogs and three cats.

Tiffany is inspired by the wonderful colors of Tiffany stained glass windows juxtaposed against the sleek graceful outlines of a feline.

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Lily, the Calla-co Cat

Title: Lily, the Calla-co Cat
Artist:Karen Mahnken

Sponsored by: Sara Butz

Karen studied fine art at Metropolitan State College in Denver.  A Colorado native, she has spent her life enjoying Colorado's mountains and abundant nature.  She previously owned a floral business, and her love of nature and flowers in particular, is evident in her work.  While skilled in a variety of mediums, including acrylics and fabric sculpture, she is also an avid photographer.

“This cat was inspired by my beloved calico cat who passed away last year.  Her nickname was Ladybug, so I included a couple of ladybugs in her honor."  This is Karen’s second year with the Tails project.  Last year, her cat Helios honored the sunflower.

To view more pictures or to place a bid, please click here.


Celeste, Celestial Cat of the Heavens

Title: Celeste, Celestial Cat of the Heavens
Artist:Sheila BobayMcFather

Sponsored by: Dorothy Ruxton

Sheila received a Bachelor of Art Degree in Art Education at West Texas A&M University (this is where Georgia O’Keefe first taught) with minors in all-level education, English, and Language/Learning Disabilities. Starting her teaching career at age 40, she taught art in workshops, private classes and public and private schools. Her students have won state and national recognition in Arkansas, Texas and Colorado. Sheila is currently a special education teacher for Jefferson County School District.

Sheila’s artwork is in private and corporate collections across the country, and she has won many top awards in the past. A current member of Mountainside Art Guild, she has worked primarily in water media. With an eye towards retirement in the next year or two, Sheila is looking forward to having more time to pursue her passion for art, not only as a painter, but also as a teacher.

“Celeste was inspired by the constantly changing patterns of the sky and the mystery of the universe, which gives me a surreal feeling. One of my favorite artists, Vincent van Gogh, captured the essence of this mystique in his painting, Starry Night, so I decided to incorporate his vision and the swirling patterns of his sky into my design for Celeste.”

To view more pictures or to place a bid, please click here.


Frida Kat-Lo

Title: Frida Kat-Lo
Artist:Krystie Rose Millich

Sponsored by: Barbara Kane, CCS Volunteer

Krystie Rose Millich is a mixed media mosaic, collage, and assemblage artist who creates decorative as well as functional art pieces. She teaches classes in a variety of these areas from her studio/shop in West Lakewood. Her work is heavily influenced by her love of Mexico, Mexican and American folk and pop art and activist art. She is an active exhibiting member of CHAC, the Chicano Humanities and Arts Council, and travels to Mexico at least yearly for inspiration, research and materials. Krystie Rose's work relies heavily on bright color palettes, incorporating multiple elements, textures and styles, as well as incorporating old, recycled and “junk” items into her pieces. “My goals and the spirit of my art are: to further contemporary, bold mosaic art; to support and encourage positive social change; and to work to ensure equality and social justice for all.”

Her design was inspired by her love of the legendary Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, her beautiful personal style and Mexican folk art in general. 

To view more pictures or to place a bid, please click here.


Aloha Kitty

Title: Aloha Kitty
Artist:Sherri J. Moore

Sponsored by: Diane Stoner and The Cat Clinic at Cat Care Society & Mark and Linda Brandon, CCS Supporters

Sherri Moore is a self taught, award winning artist. Her work has been shown in galleries throughout Colorado’s Front Range. Her love of art started as a child and the passion for it never stops. She loves to share her painting skills with others and holds various workshops throughout the year. Her favorite mediums are watercolor and she also loves china painting and encaustic wax painting.

Sherri is a third generation Colorado native and has been married to her high school sweetheart, Tom, for 31 years. They have two grown children, Nicholas and Ethan. Sherri wholeheartedly believes in the saying “When art is in your soul, you simply cannot breathe unless you are painting”.

The Aloha Kitty design stems from a love of Hawaii, showing various aspects of the Hawaiian landscape; the beautiful flowers, blue ocean, baby blue sky, warm sun and rainbows.

To view more pictures or to place a bid, please click here.


Pysanky Aloha

Title: Pysanky Aloha
Artist:Carla Pawlewicz

Sponsored by: Karen Gonzalez, CCS Volunteer & Tender Touch Animal Hospital

Ms. Pawlewicz was certified in the art of Botanical Illustration by the Denver Botanic Gardens in 1998. After retiring from a twenty two year career in brewing, and the microbiology lab at Miller Coors Brewing Company, she now pursues her love of flowers, art and Hawaiian culture. She is the owner of PANA, in Lakewood where she creates custom bags from Hawaiian print fabrics, specializing in hula and hula implement bags. Carla has become involved in the total art of hula, including creation of lei and costuming.

This is Carla’s second year as a participant for the Painted Cat project. Pysanky Aloha was inspired by Ukrainian Easter eggs combined with traditional and non-traditional Hawaiian designs. Flowers, petroglyphs, animals, kapa stamps and Hawaiian quilt designs are depicted on the cat which features an octopus for the nose and whiskers.

To view more pictures or to place a bid, please click here.


Betsy the Beautiful

Title: Betsy the Beautiful
Artist:Katherine Ross -

Sponsored by: Mary Grace Yonts

Ms. Ross earned her BA in Fine Arts from the University of Colorado. She graduated Cum Laude with High Distinction in her field. Katherine enjoys three dimensional assemblages; collage and computer generated graphics, and loves to create “something from nothing”. She also incorporates Process Art as a medium for connecting to spirituality, healing and meditation.

As a child, Katherine heard from her father that Betsy Ross, who is credited with sewing the original American flag, is a distant relative of hers. Since her father often spun family stories with a wink and a grin, she was uncertain of the validity of the connection. Recently, two of her Ross cousins did a genealogical study of their Ross roots and verified the family tie to Betsy. Betsy was married to John Ross (junior) who was the son of John Ross (senior) who was the brother of George Ross whose signature can be found on the Declaration of Independence. True story.

“Betsy the Beautiful” reflects Katherine’s love of cats and creativity while standing as a tribute to her colonial kin, especially to Betsy, who lived a long and incredible life.

To view more pictures or to place a bid, please click here.



Title: KittyFly
Artist:Pam Schmidt

Sponsored by: Ms. Mary Foster & John and Pat Lickly

Ms. Schmidt earned her Associates in Art degree at Arapaho Community College in Littleton, Colorado. She has been extremely active in exhibiting her art throughout the metro area.

“My artwork is an exploration of the human and animal psyche through drawing, painting and sculpture. I prefer to work mostly with human and animal form in a more abstract and expressive way. Art is a way for me to show my celebration and sometimes sadness about my society and the world I live in…we all live in. To be free to express myself is the thing I love most about art.”

“Deep in the woods where the fairies live there is also a creature called the KittyFly because fairies need kitties too!” Pam Schmidt is a three year artist with the Painted Cat project. This mini-cat features stained glass in the wings and looks wonderful near a window where the light can shine through.

To view more pictures or to place a bid, please click here.


Puff ’n’ Friends

Title: Puff ’n’ Friends
Artist:Bobbi Shupe

Sponsored by: Marsha Crest, In Memory of Alan Hull

Trained as a commercial and fine artist, Bobbi has degrees from both Fort Lewis College and The Art Institute of Denver. She worked for Hallmark Cards, Inc. and left to become the art director for a specialty product company, Décor Noel, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee. She returned to Denver and started her own design, illustration and decorative painting company, E.P.Puffin & Company. Her book cover designs and illustrations and interior illustrations have won both Benjamin Franklin and Colorado Independent Publishers Association Awards.

Bobbi has illustrated numerous fabric designs as well as books. Her murals and faux techniques beautify many private residences, model homes and businesses. She teaches classes at Arapahoe Community College in Littleton and her own studio in Denver. Her design for Puff ‘n’ Friends turns the cat into a puffin complete with dragons and little mice peeking out from beneath the feathers.

To view more pictures or to place a bid, please click here.


Pablo Picatso

Title: Pablo Picatso
Artist:Becky Enabnit Silver

Sponsored by: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Swanson

Becky Enabnit Silver was born in Wyoming, and currently resides in Colorado. She graduated with a B.A. from Colorado State University. She has been studying art, specifically watercolor, for over thirty years. She was a public school teacher for nine years before retiring to raise a family and work on an art career.

Becky is the granddaughter of Merlin Enabnit, who was a well known professional artist (WWII pin-up artist). She grew up with this art influence and encouragement to be an artist.

Becky is very active in the local art community. She serves on the Board of directors for the North Metro Arts Alliance and is co-chairman for their annual exhibit. She is a signature member of the Colorado Watercolor Society, and a member of the National Watercolor society and the American Watercolor Society. She is also a member of the Lakewood Arts Council and the Arvada Fine Arts Guild. Becky’s work is on display at the Aar River Gallery in Westminster, Colorado, and during the summer at the Gilpin County Art Gallery in Central City, Colorado.

“Picatso was inspired by Pablo Picasso who is one of my favorite artists. I love the play with distortion and angles on a realistic subject”

To view more pictures or to place a bid, please click here.


Green Eyed Lady

Title: Green Eyed Lady
Artist:Pam Schmidt (Inspired By Gloria Pollock and Signed by the Original Members of Sugarloaf)

Sponsored by: Gail Tinianow & Ann McFarland

Green Eyed Lady was a hit song by the Denver band Sugarloaf in the fall of 1970. Sugarloaf was recently inducted into the Music Hall of Fame. Gloria Pollock is married to band member Myron Pollock, drummer and originator of Sugarloaf, which began as Chocolate Hair. The project turned into collaboration between Gloria and artist Pam Schmidt, who kindly executed Gloria’s ideas. The cat was signed by all the original band members, and comes with the “Alive in America” CD as well as then & now pictures of the band.

To view more pictures or to place a bid, please click here.


Sunday Afternoon

Title: Sunday Afternoon

This painting was not actually inspired by our beloved Denver team, but instead was a happy accident. Pumpkin, seeing what was transpiring during his painting session, quickly dried his paws and summoned his assisting apprentice to grab a brush and strategically place a small football near the center of extraordinary energy on the canvas. He felt it would give focus to the dramatic and intense motion he had already created. We can only applaud his sense of timing and simplicity, creating a small piece of epic importance.

To view more pictures or to place a bid, please click here.

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