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What to Do When You Have Lost a Cat

  • Visit or call EVERY shelter (check our Area Shelters web page). Act fast! Check each shelter daily.
  • Walk the neighborhood in a 4 to 5 block radius in early morning or late evening calling your cat’s name. Check behind bushes, in window wells, and behind things.
  • Notify friends and neighbors that your cat is lost. Make small flyers you can pass out door to door in a 4 to 5 block radius. Have your neighbors check their garages and sheds to make sure your cat hasn’t been locked in.
  • Talk to kids in the neighborhood and have them watch out for or help you search for your cat. Kids can be great pet detectives.
  • Place your cat’s litter box or a piece of your dirty clothing outside. The scent will help your cat locate his home. Put out food and water in case he shows up when you aren’t at home.
  • If your cat is microchipped, contact the registry immediately to let them know your cat is lost.
  • Contact veterinary practices in your area. Use their “Lost and Found” bulletin boards.
  • Place “Lost Cat” flyers in pet supply stores.
  • Check “found” ads in the local newspapers and take out a “lost” ad in those newspapers.
  • Check websites such as craigslist.org, FoundandLostPets.com, Home Again and Petfinder.com

Don’t give up! Cats can be found months after they’re lost.

What you can do to safeguard your pet

  • Be sure your cat wears a current rabies tag, license tag and an ID tag with your present address and phone numbers.
  • Make certain your address and phone numbers are on file with the veterinarian who provided your cat’s most recent vaccinations.
  • Consult your veterinarian to get your cat a microchip. Keep your contact information current with the microchip registry. 
  • Spay or neuter your pet! Sterilization eliminates an animal’s reproductive instincts and decreases the chances of its straying from home.

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