Cat Care Society

Cat Care Society operates a limited admission cage-free shelter for homeless and abused cats while providing community outreach programs to enrich the lives of people and cats.

Cat Care Society is 100% funded by private donations, from people just like you.


Cat Care Society
5787 W. 6th Ave.
Lakewood, CO 80214
(303) 239-9680

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Sponsor a Cat

You can become a shelter sponsor or sponsor an individual cat at our shelter with a monthly donation of $25.00. Your donation helps pay for the basic needs of each cat during its stay with us. We have two different types of sponsorships:

  1. Shelter Sponsor - You will receive a photo and story of a cat or kitten in the shelter three times each year.
  2. Individual Cat Sponsor - You can choose your own cat to sponsor, or we can choose one for you. You will receive a picture and story about the cat that you are sponsoring. When your sponsored cat is adopted, you will be notified and given the opportunity to choose another cat.

Although we do not send reminders for your sponsor donation, you are welcome to request return envelopes that will serve as monthly reminders, or we can charge your credit card on a monthly basis.

You are welcomed and encouraged to visit the shelter and "your" cat as often as you can. The cats do remember frequent visitors and enjoy and need the individual love and attention that their sponsors bring.

Cuddly Kitties Fill out a Sponsor Form! Cuddly Kitties

Cat Care Society is a private, nonprofit cat shelter.  We spend over $350 per cat during its stay with us.  We respect the privacy of our donors and we do not sell or exchange our mailing list with anyone.

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Cat Care Society Wines
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